Debates on whether dog is the best pet or not are very common when it comes to choosing a pet. There are many pets that a person can keep, but dogs stand out from the rest. Dogs have been branded as the best friends of man for a very long time and this yet to change.


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The relationships between dogs and man have been improving over the years and this has made dogs to be the most preferable pets in the world. Dogs are known to reciprocate love by remaining loyal and the best companions. The people who are still reluctant to choose dogs as their pets simply lack adequate information on why dogs are the best pets to keep. This paper will explain why a dog is the best pet to keep compared to other pets.

The first reason why one should choose a dog for a pet is its ability to do things for its owner. Dogs can do several tricks that other pets such as cats and birds can not do. Dogs are quick learners and can therefore be taught simple domestic tasks for fun. In terms of companionship, dogs are the best option because they have the energy to jog and run alongside their owners.

Dogs are known to offer unconditional love to their owners and are always concerned about their safety. A good pet should give its owner some attention and no other pet does this better then a dog. Dogs learn their names in the shortest time possible and can always respond quickly when they are called by their names. Dog can be learned to play different games and are always available to play with its owner any time it is called upon.

Recent studies have shown that dogs bring health benefits to their owners apart from offering companionship. A dog owner becomes fit by having regular walking sessions with his or her pet. Regular dog-walking sessions help dog owners reduce their cholesterol levels.

Having a dog as a friend helps its owner forget about his or her worries by playing with it. A person who lives alone needs a dog for security and companionship. Psychologists believe that dogs can help bereaved people overcome their traumas in the shortest time possible compared to other pets.

In addition, dogs often serve as guides for blind people. It is believed that dogs feel seismicity and can help their owners avoid being harmed by destruction in case of earthquake. The strong bond between a human being and a dog makes the owner feel calm when their pet is by the side. A dog can make its owner laugh after a very stressful day. A dog is always available to welcome its owner at home regardless of the mood of the day.


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In conclusion, people with a problem of choosing a pet for themselves should consider having a dog as a pet because of the many benefits it brings to the owner compared to other pets. Dogs have special qualities that make them stand out from other pets when it comes to companionship and security.

Other pets have limited abilities and can not match the versatility of a dog. Research has proven that dogs bring quite a number of health and social benefits to their owners compared to other pets. The reasons explained in this paper are enough proof that a dog is the best pet that one should consider keeping.