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To find out if the underlining has been efficient, after having completed the text, you have to go through it again . But in this case, just reading what was highlighted. There you should pay close attention to determine if the ideas of the text are represented in what you have highlighted and if you have not included ideas that are too many. Something you can do to complement the underline is to pass the main ideas of the text into an outline. The easiest way is to make a synoptic chart with the most important topics in a hierarchy easy to understand. However, in my opinion, the best option is to dump everything on a mind map. Mind maps have the advantage of being organic, flexible and easy to build. Another possibility is to opt for a concept map. Although here you should spend more time and respect the rules that these schemes impose. Underlining is one of the most widespread study techniques among students when summarizing texts. With these keys and practice, you will be able to study efficiently. If you liked this article please check this blog to find out more articles. I invite you to subscribe to the Mentes Liberadas newsletter and to participate in social networks.
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per month

1 GB Storage

2 Domain Names

3 FTP Users

100 GB Bandwidth

Business & Enterpise
per month

10 GB Storage

10 Domain Names

10 FTP Users

50000 GB Bandwidth