MAISON DE LA FRANCE LLC(G) is an entity established in February 2017 within the Qatar Financial Center (QFC) and registered as the French Chamber of Commerce in Qatar.

Its mission is to be the one-stop shop for French companies and the French business community wishing to establish themselves in Qatar. On a broader scale, the MAISON DE LA FRANCE aims to be the entry point for French people who settle in Qatar.
The MAISON DE LA FRANCE offers its knowledge of the country and its business community as well as the support provided by the associations serving the French and Francophone community already established in Qatar.

Moreover, the mission of the MAISON DE LA FRANCE is to promote and facilitate the development of Qatari business relations with France.

An extended field of intervention

Services dedicated to French companies

Providing information on the Qatari markets through market research, sector diagnosis, selection of qualified contacts and knowledge of the Qatari economic sectors;

Assistance in setting up a business through dedicated staff, recruited and sponsored through QFC. This service aims to be a one-stop shop that provides assistance in setting up French economic entities but also to put companies and individuals in contact with the professional community in Qatar;

Assistance in recruiting French-speaking employees in Qatar.


A bridge between France and Qatar

Develop professional and social networks, to boost contacts between the French and Qatari communities in order to create a platform of exchange conducive to the development of personal and professional relationships;

To promote the attractiveness of France to Qatari investors and business community;

To promote the attractiveness of Qatar to French companies and other organizations.

A daily help for the French in Qatar

Facilitate the settlement and integration of French expatriates in Qatar through visits, events and activities;

Support the French community established in Qatar;

Organize events and seminars dedicated to the acquisition of professional skills in a Qatari environment.

A dedicated team

The MAISON DE LA FRANCE is managed by an Executive Committee made up of representatives of all the actors and associations serving the French community in Qatar.