Doha Accueil

You have just arrived and you want to integrate quickly into your new environment, Doha Accueil is there!

Already 280 French-speaking families from all over the world have joined us this year, why not you?

Founding member of La Maison de la France in Qatar, Doha Accueil is part of the worldwide network of FIAFE (Fédération Internationale des Accueils Français et Francophones à l’Etranger) which gathers more than 220 Accueils around the world.

Thanks to a friendly and dynamic team of volunteers, we organize multiple activities throughout the year (cultural, artistic, sports, culinary, environmental…), but also outings with family or friends (desert outing, picnic on a traditional boat, cocktail party, evening…).

And since conviviality is the key word of our association, we regularly propose you to meet us during a greedy or festive appointment (in particular our famous monthly coffees), to make knowledge and help you to establish new relations quickly.